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McGill University, Montreal, Canada


Director, Desmarais Global Finance Research Centre (2007- )

Batten Fellow, Desmarais Darden Grad. School of Business Administration, University of Virginia (2003- )


Director, Finance Research Centre (1997-2007)


Associate Dean, Research and International Relations (2005-2009).


Research: Nurture research environment and policy conducive to top shelf

research including the Ph.D. program; benchmark Desautels research

productivity to Canadian business schools; facilitate and advise on Research

Grants applications Desautels faculty received $1.1 million in 2009 SSHRC

grants; tracking of lifetime research productivity of all faculty members;

mentoring of junior faculty members; promotion of Faculty research activity

and seminars within and to outside stakeholders such as the university,

business and the community at large.


International Relations: Director of MBA Japan program responsible for

the overall strategy, implementation, human resources, instruction and

profitability of the program; evaluation and development of Masters

programs with leading institutions in China, India, Middle East and Latin

America. Developed International Program for Finance Executives with

Indian Institute of Management, Lucknow (IIML) with start date in late 2010.


Chairman, Finance Area (1996-2002)


Director of Research, Faculty of Management (1985-1988, 1996-1998)


Chairman, International Business Area (1977-1980, 1986-1988, 1994-1995)


Chairman, Committee on Excellence. The committee conducted a

comparative survey of leading North American Schools of Business. The

survey focused on standards of excellence and reward structure



Chairman, Faculty Recruiting International Business (1989-1992) and

Finance (1989-1991), (1996-2002).


Member of The Advisory Committee for the selection of the Dean of

Management (1986).


Member, Executive Committee of Graduate Studies and Research (1993-



Served on Ph.D. Committees including eight chairmanships, Academic

Committee (1978-1980), (1984-1988), (1994-1995), (1996-2002), Faculty and

University Tenure Committees, Research Committee (1979-1988), (1992-

1993), (1996-1998), Curriculum Committee (1977-1978), M.B.A. Program

Committee (1976-1977), Dean's Advisory Committee on Excellence (1984 &

1987), Dean's Advisory Committee on Strategic Planning (1987-1989),

(1997-99),(2000-2001), Dean's Advisory Committee on Merit Awards (1987-

1988), (1992-1993), (1996-1997), (1998-2000), Workload Committee (1996-

1997), (1998-2000).




Instituto Centroamericano de Administracion de Empresas, Managua, Nicaragua


Research Director in charge of M.B.A. thesis.


Participated extensively in the planning and operation of the Development

Banking and Finance program.









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